BLD - 2017 Akoma Love

Instruction & dancing

 Feb 11-14, 2017
5th Annual ​Dinner Celebration Sat, Feb. 11th 

7pm 1 AM

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity World Center, Inc. 3951 Snapfinger Parkway Decatur, GA 30035

Celebrate Black Love - from romantic to revolutionary and back again!

AYA Educational Institute and the ATL BLD Team have worked hard to provide a way for us to celebrate - Akoma Love. (see below)

"Black love is Black wealth. It's also a doorway others use to get to our financial wealth. Valentine's day and all it has come to mean uses our love for each other and/or the love that we seek from each other to get us to give our wealth away - to those alien to our community, to those who don't love us.  Black Love Day provides an alternative. It allows us to love, to celebrate our love  in ways that continue to spread love and financial wealth in and with our community - those who love us.

– Afiya Madzimoyo

Wrap your romance in Black Love and Authenticity - Sankofa Love.


Black Love
From Romantic to Revolutionary 
then back again

Black Love - Akoma Love.

2017  - 5th Annual

Black Love Celebration - 3 Days!

Celebrate Black Love - from romantic to revolutionary and back again!

The Akoma Adinkra symbol looks exactly like a heart, but it represents more. The akoma “heart” symbol represents patience, goodwill, faithfulness, endurance and tolerance. According to the Agbo people group, when a person is said to “have a heart in his stomach,” that person is very tolerant.

The Akoma symbol is very popular in weddings throughout Ghana, and it’s not hard to see why.Type your paragraph here.